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MRP Part 145

EMAR 145 / MRP Part 145

Military Maintenance Organisations (MMOs) and Approved Maintenance Organisations (AMOs)

Part 145 regulates many of the core maintenance activities of both military-run maintenance organisations (known as Military Maintenance Organisations (MMOs)) and contractor-run maintenance organisations (known as Approved Maintenance Organisations (AMOs)).

We help organisations to understand how to successfully apply the requirements of the regulation in a working environment, creating competitive advantage through understanding better how to evaluate the opportunities arising from the introduction of CAMOs to military airworthiness and the emerging EMAR requirements.

How we can help

We offer a comprehensive advisory and support service to help you to:

  • Apply a more business-focused approach to maintenance organisation compliance
  • Run an effective Part 145 approval – the organisation, documentation, planning and control
  • Understand Form 4 Holder and Management responsibilities
  • Increase Regulator confidence in you and your organisation
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs through smarter processes and procedures in compliance with the regulation
  • Have increased levels of confidence in discussing Part 145 with your colleagues and regulatory staff
  • Appreciate the inter-relation with Human Factors and Error Management for improved overall performance