Aviation Regulations Development
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Regulations Development

Regulations Development

We help to shape and influence aviation regulations worldwide

Our clients benefit from latest regulatory thinking and insight as a result of our extensive experience in the development and amendment of Civil and Defence Aviation Regulations. We remain one of very few consultancies in a position to shape and influence aviation regulations. Major regulatory projects we have been involved in include:

  • Development of complete regulatory system for the Isle of Man Government during the establishment of the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry
  • Participation in EASA and European Defence Regulatory Working Groups
  • EMAR Development
  • MAA Safety Management Assurance Development

Civil Aviation Regulations: Isle of Man Aircraft Registry

Baines Simmons developed a complete regulatory system from scratch for the Isle of Man Government, during the establishment of the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry in 2007. This project included the establishment of a regulatory philosophy, policy, detailed technical requirements, processes, forms and certificates in compliance with relevant ICAO SARPs. A highly successful and innovative approach was taken with the blending of both pragmatic yet compliant regulatory standards and a new focus on ‘customer service’. The establishment of competencies to deliver on this vision was a key challenge and highly influential in the success of the registry since its formation.

Shaping regulations through Regulatory Working Groups

The company regularly participates in both EASA and European Defence regulatory workshops, working groups and the NPA process and a number of our constructive comments have been reflected in resultant rules. Despite the nature of Baines Simmons’ business, our thought leaders continue to exert considerable influence in the formation of new regulatory thinking, most recently in the areas of performance-based oversight, defence continuing airworthiness subjects and Human Factors/Safety Risk Management.

Defence Aviation Regulations – EMAR Development

EMAR Development
Baines Simmons is working with the European Defence Agency (EDA) to provide specialist advice and guidance to its Task Force 3 in the drafting of the final European Military Airworthiness Requirement (EMAR), setting standards for the management of Continuing Airworthiness for military aircraft across EDA’s 27 participating member states. This follows our successful collaboration with the EDA in the development of EMAR 66, defining a framework for a common set of aircraft maintenance personnel training and competence requirements for the harmonisation of military aircraft maintenance licensing.
Working in partnership with the EDA allows us to inform the development of this pivotal element of the airworthiness system and to play a role in positively affecting the airworthiness of military aircraft of the Member States for decades to come.

The EMAR M project is managed by Director, Bob Simmons and supported by Principal Consultant, Tim Drinkwater and a team of continuing airworthiness specialists who are familiar with both the EASA rules as well as the military operating environment. Tim draws on his extensive regulatory knowledge and experience gained during his time as a Senior Airworthiness Surveyor with UK CAA, where he led the oversight of major commercial operators, maintainers and manufacturers.

Bob Simmons, founding Director of Baines Simmons
The picture shows Bob Simmons, founding Director of Baines Simmons seated alongside the EDA’s Principal Airworthiness Officer, Jan Plevka (left) with Tim Drinkwater (rear left) and Colonel Pierre-Laurent Borras (Task Force 3 Chairman) at the project launch meeting on 11th December 2013.