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Regulator Training ans Competence Development

Regulator training and competence development

We train the Regulator

Our specialist expertise and services help civil and defence aviation authorities intelligently adopt new regulations and develop the necessary competencies to implement them. 

Baines Simmons has worked with more than 40 National Aviation Authorities from around the world, including the UK’s CAA, and operates as trusted advisors and strategic partners to the UK Military Aviation Authority (MAA) assisting with the fusion of military and civil regulations. We also work with the European Defence Agency (EDA) on pan-European requirement drafting programmes and are retained by EASA for Competency Development Programmes for regulatory personnel.

Regulator Training and Competence Development

We offer a number of specific Regulator training courses, which are complemented by our full portfolio of safety management, regulatory compliance and quality/compliance monitoring courses.

  • EASA Regulations for Air Operations Inspectors
  • Effective Audit Techniques for Regulators
  • Practical Assessment of Safety Management Systems for Competent Authorities
  • Effective Maintenance Programme Oversight for Competent Authorities
  • Oversight Auditing Service

Our training courses provide Authority Inspectors with the knowledge and skills to enable them to make the day-to-day judgements required of them in an increasingly complex, yet integrated industry. Our specific Regulator training courses explore both new and established oversight methodologies, including the emerging philosophies of a performance-based environment, and are all continuously monitored and updated in line with the evolving rules and oversight philosophies developed by ICAO and EASA.

Our regulator courses are very well received by the many National Aviation Authorities which have participated on them either in-house or at our Academy in the UK where opportunities to network with your industry peers are second to none.

Highly Experienced Consultants

Our highly experienced team includes experts that have held senior positions in the UK CAA and our oversight resourcing team of accredited aircraft surveyors operates daily around the world on behalf of our aircraft registry and regulatory clients.

Competence Development Pathways

To support our training courses, our Competence Development Pathway for Regulators shows how our Foundation, Practitioner and Advanced level training courses can help build the core competencies needed for different stages of your career, ensuring a wide understanding of all aspects of aviation safety and regulatory compliance.

Useful at an organisational level for planning and a personal level for career progression, our pathways are a unique tool that we have developed to support our industry.