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SMS still low on Boardroom agenda: worrying themes highlighted in new Thought Leadership Paper

Aviation industry Thought Leaders, Baines Simmons, has published a new Thought Leadership Paper: ‘How Fast is SMS Maturing?’ which highlights two worrying themes for SMS (Safety Management Systems) – both of which stem from the need for safety professionals to better understand and articulate the true cost of safety in their organisations to senior management.

How Fast is SMS Maturing?The paper highlights both the difficulty and inability of organisations to effectively measure ROI on their SMS and the corresponding stagnation in senior management support for SMS – two vital, interlinked factors which may explain why, for many organisations, the business case for safety remains immature and low on the boardroom agenda.

The latest Thought Leadership Paper, written by Baines Simmons’ Senior Consultant and SMS Subject Matter Leader, Ronnie Smith, was written following its May 2012 European Safety Management Symposium where industry leaders were invited to take part in a bi-annual survey regarding the evolving maturity of their SMS. The paper has had a record number of downloads from the website in the few weeks since it was launched.

Commenting on the paper, Ronnie Smith says: “Our philosophy at Baines Simmons is always to be ‘thought leaders’ and not ‘thought followers’ by adding value to academic thinking through building practical solutions. My paper highlights some of the real issues organisations across the aviation industry have in getting safety taken seriously at board level. We constantly urge organisations to ensure their safety data has the same credibility and fidelity as financial data to assist in their boardroom’s decision-making processes, and our expertise and experience in the field of aviation safety makes us ideally placed to help them do this.”

The new SMS Thought Leadership Paper now joins Baines Simmons’ online library of similarly successful and thought-provoking papers covering a range of aviation safety topics including Just Culture, Safety Training and Regulatory Compliance.

Click here to view the Baines Simmons’ Thought Leadership Library and to download the latest paper.