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SR Technics gets SMARRT™ business advantage

Baines Simmons has recently completed an Airworthiness Management Diagnostic with SR Technics a major European MRO.

The diagnostic exercise involved an onsite survey by subject matter experts to review the company’s airworthiness management processes, people and outputs. The results were analysed using Baines Simmons SMARRT™ Tool which produced an Executive Summary and detailed findings report that is benchmarked against industry best practice.

Our SMARRT™ suite of diagnostic tools critically examine your management processes and organisational arrangements, giving you a fresh perspective and the information you need to stay safe, reliable and one step ahead of the competition.
Here’s what one of our clients said about them’

“Baines Simmons SMARRT™ diagnostics are truly a unique, innovative and impartial means, for organisations such as ours to assess, evaluate, debate, benchmark, prioritise and agree improvement initiatives. We were highly impressed with the SMARRT™ tools excellent features and are not aware of any organisation in the global arena offering this valuable level of rapid diagnostic evaluation to the complex area of maintenance organisations error management and human behavioural activity. It has provided a powerful input into our current thinking on Airworthiness management within the Group”.