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Swedish Transport Agency buys into SMS excellence

The Civil Aviation Department of the Swedish Transport Agency has just completed a demanding but productive training session with Baines Simmons on Safety Management Systems (SMS) that ensures the authority will retain its reputation for excellence.

Swedish Transport Agency

The Swedish Transport Agency team with Baines Simmons SMS Leader Ronnie Smith (second left) and Senior Consultant Neil Richardson (far left).

Baines Simmons designed the course in response to the Swedish Transport Agency’s requirements. The training was delivered over a period of three days by two Baines Simmons facilitators at the authority’s Stockholm offices. Twenty-one regulators participated, from areas including engineering, fixed wing and rotary flight operations, air traffic management and air navigation service provision. The objective of the course was to enable the regulators to understand what is required by a high quality SMS programme and this was successfully achieved through technical discussion, workgroups and practical exercises.

“It was extremely rewarding to work with a group of regulators as professional as those from the Swedish Transport Agency’s Civil Aviation Department,” states Ronnie Smith, leading SMS expert at Baines Simmons. “In examining what ‘good’ looks like within an SMS programme with a group of people with such knowledge, focus and ability to interact, we were able to understand how safety should move beyond compliance and towards genuine performance.”

The course content included a regulator’s view on understanding what SMS brings to the safety agenda in the areas of risk management, state safety programmes, return on safety investment and how to integrate safety into modern business. Entitled “SMS For The Competent Authority”, this same package is now available to other regulatory authorities that seek to attain the levels of excellence demonstrated by the Swedish regulators.