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TAP takes Safety Management to a new level

A hugely successful team approach between a Baines Simmons UK team and Baines Simmons America’s Managing Director, Jerry Allen, resulted in a most encouraging Safety Management Diagnostic (SMD) visit for TAP Portugal’s maintenance unit, TAP Maintenance & Engineering (TAP ME), in January 2011.

The visit combined Baines Simmons Americas with the Baines Simmons UK team for the first time. The feedback was so positive that TAP ME is now poised to engage Baines Simmons in Effective Event Investigation (EEI) as part of the Safety Management Systems (SMS) roll out.

TAP takes Safety Management to a new level

The Baines Simmons SMD team with the TAP-ME team at the conclusion of the visit.

“It is interesting to note that TAP Portugal has recently been classified as the fourth safest airline in the world. This is a result of a solid flight safety programme that has been running for more than 40 years. The recognition by TAP’s maintenance unit that it must continuously improve its own safety management programme is indicative of the positive culture change in our industry and that safety is an essential value to Portugal’s national airline,” states Chris Drew, Business Development Manager at Baines Simmons.

“The very constructive results of the joint effort of our UK and US teams leaves us in a great position to boast our world-class credentials by offering great products and services to the industry.”

“We are delighted with the work carried out by Baines Simmons team thus far”, states Jorge Leite, TAP M&E Director. “The high satisfaction levels among our people at the conclusion of the SMD visit spoke of the company’s professional and effective approach towards improving our safety standards.”

Baines Simmons is recognised as an international market leader in SMS implementation and aviation safety training, operating as a trusted partner with more than 300 of the world’s leading civil and military aviation organisations. The company has well-established links with more than 30 regulators worldwide, including the UK CAA, the Ministry of Defence and it is currently the single largest supplier of safety and error management training to EASA.