Regulatory Compliance

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Successfully Managing OEM Safety Assessments & Operator Safety Cases

Reference: TR70

UK CAA / EASA Airworthiness Regulations - Essentials for Logistics Staff

Reference: TR07

UK CAA / EASA Part M and Part CAMO – Understanding the Management of Continuing Airworthiness

Reference: TR03

UK CAA / EASA Part 145 - Understanding the Requirements for Maintenance

Reference: TR02

UK CAA / EASA Parts 147/66 – Essentials

Reference: TR15

Part 21 Subpart J - Understanding & Optimising your Design Organisation Approval (DOA)

Reference: TR24M01

Part 21 Subpart G - Production Organisation Approvals (POA) Essentials

Reference: TR14

Continuing Airworthiness Engineering within the UK DAE

Reference: TR18

Successfully Applying Defence CAMO Regulations in the UK DAE

Reference: TR55

MRP Part 145 - Successfully Applying the Maintenance Regulation

Reference: TR10

EASA Air Operations Requirements - Effective Implementation

Reference: TR35

EMAR 145 - Successfully Applying the Requirement

Reference: TR79

EMAR 21 Subpart G - Military Production Organisation Approval (MPOA) Essentials

Reference: TR80

EMAR 21 Subpart J - Successfully Applying the Requirement

Reference: TR81

UK CAA / EASA Form 1 Certifying Staff - Skills Development (Part 145)

Reference: TR69

EMAR M - Successfully Applying the Requirement

Reference: TR84

Compliance Verification Engineers (CVE) - Roles and Responsibilities

Reference: TR24M17

EMAR 147/66 - Understanding the Requirements

Reference: TR101

Continuing Airworthiness - Technical Services Skills

Reference: TT19M06

Continuing Airworthiness - Maintenance Programme Skills

Reference: TT19M01

DAOS - The UK MAA’s Design Approved Organisation Scheme

Reference: TR108

Part 21 Continued Airworthiness Obligations

Reference: TR24M02

EMAR 21 for Military Airworthiness Authority Staff

Reference: TR113