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UK CAA publishes Human Factors strategy and action plan

UK CAA publishes Human Factors strategyWe’re pleased to see that the CAA has reignited the focus on Human Factors (HF) and its contribution to aviation safety through its recently revised HF strategy.  It’s worth noting how the CAA links its HF strategy to supporting Performance Based Oversight (PBO) and risk assessment.

As we’ve mentioned previously in our PBO whitepaper, human factors and error management is a vital jigsaw piece in delivering effective safety management. It is, however, not new to our industry.  CAP 716, first published in 2002, introduced the concept that management of human factors and error “should form a significant part of an organisation’s Safety Management System”.  From these beginnings, we have seen organisations large and small develop their HF understanding and make great progress in enhancing their systems to support the human.  It’s a subject area we’ve taken great pride in at Baines Simmons, with our practical approach to HF as well as our pioneering Just Culture toolkit FAiR™2 and our Investigation and Review Group courses reflecting the industry experience that our consultants acquire from working with organisations to implement solutions every day.

It’s also great to see that EASA are now, through its HF Collaborative Analysis Group (HF CAG), engaging with HF integration into SMS as the new rules are being prepared.

View CAA’s HF Strategy action plan