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World leaders set the pace in SMS

Baines Simmons has for many years been recognised as the World Leaders in Aviation Safety and as part of their commitment to developing real solutions that work for industry they have recently invested significantly with a three day SMS workshop.

SMS workshop

Brainstorming in Progress – The meeting of minds created much output.

The workshop held at the Aviation Safety Academy brought together some of the best minds in the world on SMS implementation to make sense of the miles of theory on the subject and develop a cohesive understanding of the real enablers and signs of success in a functional SMS. A recent independent survey conducted by Baines Simmons revealed clearly there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace as to how to make SMS deliver.

The three days were chaired by Bob Simmons, Technical Director and he commented, “This type of event has not been run before. We have got a very clear and shared understanding of what the key enablers actually are, and although this was an internal event we will be sharing the detail with the industry over the coming months. In summary we moved SMS forwards this week”