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World Leaders Workshop – Developing NEW Client Services

Building global safety solutions, that are delivered to you at a local level.

Baines Simmons saw the 2010 New Year in with our annual World Managers Workshop – a four day meeting of minds from our UK and Europe, Americas, Australasia and Asia Pacific offices.

Braving the worst weather we have experienced in decades, our managers flew into the UK from the corners of the globe to pool the latest thinking, share experiences and build strategies for the coming year.

World Managers Workshop

Members of the Baines Simmons Team: (L-R) Andrew Parker, Bob Simmons, Keven Baines, Stuart Hughes, Howard Leach, Grant Findlay, Jim Smith, Jerry Allen, Corina Canavan, Richard Cheong


The starting agenda included business development, with a chance to review local client service models and share experiences of how cultural variations operate EASA regulations and Safety Management System implementations.

The workshop event launched with the unveiling of the newly revised Baines Simmons global portal website and 2 further newly revised websites for the Americas and Australasia offices extending our brand further forward.

Aviation safety and the challenges faced by organisations around the globe were discussed at length. With Safety Management Systems (SMS) best practice high on the agenda, much attention was paid to industry comments, experiences and operating issues. The forum shared ideas on what best minds are currently saying. As a fast emerging key service that will affect many organisations around the world, our global teams came away with new product strategies and tool kits to respond to the SMS challenge ahead (SMARRT).

The opportunity to discuss information sharing and make the same learning skills available to our global customers, again proved valuable to all. It allows us to continue providing our customers the world over with the very best training and consulting leadership that utilises local resources and local prices to improve aviation safety.