Human Factors in Aviation

Our approach to Human Factors in Aviation delivers safety culture change, increased efficiency and reduced cost. Understanding, managing and supporting the role of the human in your systems and their contribution to the safety performance of your organisation is fundamental to an effective SMS. We help clients to develop competent professionals that can make a real and lasting improvement to safety performance through the application of Human Factors in Aviation skills and knowledge.

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A performance-based Human Factors programme embeds HF thinking across your SMS, successfully applying theoretical HF and associated knowledge into procedures, operational activity, as well as initial and recurrent training. Value-adding Human Factors activity contributes to effective safety performance that naturally increases financial performance as your organisation experiences fewer events, delays and rework attributed to human error.

People remain at the heart of aviation safety, and therefore the need for Human Factors continues to grow. The aviation industry requires strong human performance in addition to engineering excellence to meet the safety performance and business requirements of its stakeholders. To meet these demands, the design and operation of safety management systems must match, support and augment the capabilities of its users.

Technology, organisational systems and processes designed without regard for the human can cause errors leading to costly events, incidents or accidents. Competent safety professionals trained in Human Factors are able to dynamically implement safe methods and systems of operation that respond to the increasing complexity, demands and day-to-day activities placed on the user.

Mandated by EASA, Human Factors training is a must for all EASA Part 145 organisations and a vital consideration in an organisation’s Safety Management System. What managing Human Factors achieves and what you as an organisation can do to ensure it delivers real results are questions we help clients to work through.

Challenges you may be facing 

  • You need to improve standards of compliance through more proactive engagement with your Human Factors & Error Management System
  • Your performance targets for efficiency and rework are not being met and you need to understand how to influence this
  • You’re new to your role and need to understand more about human error management
  • Refresh your understanding of Human Factors, including human performance limitations and their potential impact on your daily routine
  • Develop your organisation's HF awareness and competence in supporting a Safety Culture quality and efficiency within your operations
  • Provide compliance with AMC EASA Part 145 A.30

How we can help 

We can assist you with practical approaches to make your system resilient to error, apply the latest advanced knowledge of key HF principles, tools and techniques and help you to measure the effectiveness of your Human Factors and organisational learning culture.

We have developed and offer a wide range of HF and Error Management training programmes and consulting services, including:

  • Initial and recurrent Human Factors training through EASA Part 145 compliant training programmes
  • In-company Human Factors and Error Management workshops and facilitated learning to improve employee engagement in the management of error
  • Human Factors & Error Management Diagnostic services to gain a true picture of how well your organisation understands, mitigates and manages human error
  • Specialist Fatigue Risk Management training and consulting services
  • MSc Elective Module in Human Factors in partnership with City University