Matt Whitehead

Matt has an extensive background in Military Aviation, serving as an engineer for 28 years in the RAF. He carried out a variety of front line and support roles, including Engineering Development and Investigation, Quality Assurance, Project Team and Safety Management positions. As well as practical experience of establishing and running an Error Management System, he was instrumental in integrating extant safety management and risk management processes into an integrated Aviation Safety Management System. Alongside his primary role he has 20+ years academic experience studying Psychology, Human Behaviour and Safety Culture.

Expertise and capability

Training and facilitation skills in Human Factors and Human Performance, Incident and Maintenance Error Investigation, and Occurrence Review Groups.
Practical Safety and Risk Management experience.
Knowledge and experience of driving culture change programmes.
Prior to joining Baines Simmons in 2020, Matt spent six years with the Human Factors and Complex Systems Working Group at Loughborough University, studying Safety Culture, Organisational Learning and Cultural Readjustment after Disaster in safety-critical industries. His research examined the impact of Ladbroke Grove on the Rail Industry, various major events within the NHS and the loss of Nimrod XV230 on military aviation.

As well as his experience and engineering qualifications, Matt has a PhD and MSc in Human Factors and a first degree in Psychology.