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Wildlife Hazard Management

Today, all airports must comply with ICAO regulations making bird-strike reporting mandatory. Our Wildlife Hazard Management division delivers full spectrum services with 25 years of heritage, offering affordable, professional solutions to reduce wildlife strike risk.

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Outsourcing (managed) services is our core business with fifteen UK civil and military airfields currently managed within our portfolio. We pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly deploy into a new environment and establish an effective, cost efficient wildlife hazard management programme regardless of the conditions and standards previously achieved.


Whether you require specific risk assessments, 13km safeguarding surveys, compliance auditing or simply a fresh set of eyes to identify improvement areas within your wildlife hazard management programme. Our experienced consultants flexibly work around your teams to minimise disruption to day-to-day operations, whilst providing valuable analysis to drive optimum efficiencies.


The primary influencing factor in risk management is your people. Operator training, competency and continual improvement are fundamental elements in all safety programmes. From top-level workshops through to comprehensive one-to-one airside mentoring, each of our trainers can demonstrate extensive operational experience that complements and validates course delivery.