FAiR System - Flowchart Analysis of Investigation Results
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FAiR System

Our FAiR System helps you manage a credible and sustainable Just Culture

Whatever the maturity of Just Culture in your organisation, our FAiR (Flowchart Analysis of Investigation Results) system helps organisations to establish and maintain effective process and practise that drives your safety culture overall.

FAiR is an innovative management tool which enables people involved in reviewing investigation events to determine the nature and causes of events and ensure that appropriate and effective actions are taken to prevent reoccurrence. We’ve updated FAiR with modified, clearer flow charts, models and information to help organisations understand the four essential steps the FAiR system uses in order to minimise the likelihood of the event being investigated reoccurring as well as how to ensure any interventions made are appropriate and proportionate. Importantly, the latest version of FAiR does not nullify decisions made using previous versions.

Watch Principal Consultant, James Hayton, summarise the latest updates.

How FAiR works

Aviation regulations recognise the importance of the need to consider Human Factors within safety management systems in contributing to safe operations and developing open reporting cultures. In doing so, the selection of appropriate interventions will become much more effective; enabling the right focus on systemic improvements and, where necessary, upon the individuals’ actions and intentions as opposed to the consequences. FAiR guides intervention choices so that organisations can ensure that any actions are tailored to maximise effectiveness from both a systems and human performance perspective.

The FAiR System relies upon a complete and comprehensive event investigation and as such complements tools such as the Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA) and the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS), bridging the gap between the investigation and an organisation’s continuous improvement from the human in the system.

Building upon academic research and our experience of the practical implementation of Just Culture in aviation environments both civil and military,  FAiR offers a pragmatic and real-world solution leading to reliable decision making in what can be a fractious environment. Simple to use, the tool requires minimal training and can be used by non-human factors specialists.

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