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Robust Assurance


The Importance of Robust Assurance for Safety Performance

The Baines Simmons SMARRT MAP™ has been developed to assist organisations understand, build and power up their safety management system for performance. Organisational Safety Performance is achieved by generating performance in the core safety management systems through the presence and performance of five key enablers. Executing and delivering performance from all the management systems to achieve organisational safety requires Robust Assurance.

Robust Assurance is the fundamental safeguard which provides the confidence levels that the management systems are operating effectively as safety protection barriers. It is managed through a strong assurance programme and reliable processes capable of evaluating, reporting and managing assurance activities.

SMARRT MAP - Robust Assurance

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Robust Assurance activity evaluates how well the management system and enablers can measure safety performance.

Robust Safety Assurance is the planned and systematic actions necessary to give an organisation confidence that it meets or exceeds legal and regulatory safety requirements; it should be an intrusive and enquiring approach to assessing safety performance – not simply an administrative ‘box ticking’ exercise.

We work with organisations to help them enhance safety performance, developing and sustaining Robust Assurance through focussing on a number of key elements: Assurance Programme, Assurance Process, Assurance Evaluation & Reporting, Assurance Management and Continuous Improvement. Collectively, they are important for monitoring and recording an organisation’s safety performance, as well as evaluating safety management processes and practices to ensure they continue to achieve their intended objectives.

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