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Supportive Capability


The Importance of Supportive Capability for Safety Performance

The Baines Simmons SMARRT MAP™ has been developed to assist organisations understand, build and power up their safety management system for performance.

Managing the performance of the four core management systems and five key performance enablers to achieve organisational safety requires Supportive Capability.

Supportive Capability is the foundation that supports the human-in-the-system to get the job done. It enables an organisation to have the right facilities, infrastructure, systems, processes and support services to achieve its desired level of safety performance in line with its safety objectives.

SMARRT MAP - Supportive Capability

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By having a Supportive Capability, an organisation has appropriate facilities, infrastructure, functions, processes and support services to enable it to achieve its desired level of safety performance in line with its strategic business objectives.

A Supportive Capability  underpins safety performance by ensuring your people always have the appropriate level of resources and support to carry out their roles effectively.

Developing and sustaining a Supportive Capability requires managers to be able to demonstrate performance across a number of key elements:
–  Resource
–  Systems & Process
–  Controls
–  Resilience/Contingency
–  Continuous Improvement

Collectively, they provide you with a robust, agile and supporting foundation on which you can execute your safety strategy and drive safety performance.

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