Baines Simmons Consulting Compliance Monitoring LOSA (Line Operations Safety Audit)

LOSA (Line Operations Safety Audit)

The rich data collected on line operations by LOSA enables proactive hazard identification and can be a powerful asset in your Safety Management System. When designing operations, standards and training, operators make assumptions about how work is done on the line i.e. ‘work-as-imagined’. LOSA provides a unique insight into ‘work-as done’ during real operations and provides valuable insights into what is actually working well, or not so well, on the line. Based on the data, and following a risk assessment, risk mitigation actions can be prioritised and implemented.

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Challenges you may be facing

  • Not knowing how to scope your LOSA: how many sectors? How many observers?
  • Difficulty understanding the TEM taxonomy and which version to use
  • Identifying experienced trainers to deliver LOSA observer training to crew
  • Unsure how to utilise LOSA, and other data sources, to inform your EBT programme
  • Unsure how to provide the necessary data protection
  • Looking for a reliable iOS or Microsoft tool for observers to use to collected data
  • Designing selection criteria for LOSA Observers

How LOSA works:

LOSA data is collected by crew from your airline, trained to be LOSA observers while sitting on the jumpseat. The observers collect de-identified information on the effectiveness of threat and error management, and behavioural indicators of pilot core competencies.

As well as facilitating evidence-based safety, LOSA enables an Operator to develop and maintain an Evidence Based Training (EBT) programme (GM1 ORO.FC.230 (a); (b); (f) Recurrent training and checking GM2 ORO.FC.A.245, ATQP)


How our LOSA implementation service can help:

Each LOSA we design is bespoke, created to answer our customer's key operational question(s).

Our service includes:

  • Thorough scoping of the question/s you wish the LOSA programme to answer so that a targeted LOSA is designed
  • Data capture via our bespoke app, ensuring a significant reduction in data loss (common with more traditional forms of LOSA data capture)
  • Support writing a LOSA manual and supporting documentation, identifying skills and training needs and providing leadership coaching to help you influence key stakeholders across your organisation
  • Advice on and drafting of suitable terms of reference (TORs) for the role of a LOSA manager to ensure your LOSA programme delivers maximum benefit into your organisation
  • Development of LOSA observers to enable your own team to operate LOSA in accordance with your scheduling requirements
  • Statistical data analysis and reporting
  • Options for developing effective interventions based on the data received and insights formed

Benefits of an effective LOSA programme

We can help you ensure your LOSA programme is fit for purpose and helps you to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of an organisation’s procedures
  • Detect and measure unsafe acts such as operational drift away from standard operating procedures (SOPs) – such as crew short cuts and workarounds
  • Identify problems with procedures
  • Identify design issues in the human/machine interface of the aircraft
  • Identify events which could lead to unsafe situations and aircraft states
  • Enable the observer to note how the crew deals with threats and errors under pressure.