Baines Simmons Consulting Fatigue Risk Management Developing Competence to Manage Fatigue Risk

Developing Competence to Manage Fatigue Risk

Effectively managing a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) requires specific competences, including knowing the appropriate regulations to maintain compliance, and understanding the science of sleep and fatigue to ensure that SPIs, controls and mitigations are appropriate.

Our competence development programme works with you to ensure that the training meets your requirements. The competence development plan usually comprises a combination of one-to-one mentoring sessions as well as recommendations for formal training courses.

Key areas of Focus

The area of focus very much depends on the role of the group or individual, and their current level of competence. The first step of the programme is to undertake a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to identify areas you wish to develop further.

We can help FRM managers to:

  • Have a clear understanding of the intent of the relevant regulations for fatigue risk management
  • Identify mitigators for fatigue hazards and implement a fatigue reporting systems
  • Conduct schedule analysis using a bio-mathematical fatigue model as well as fatigue surveys, including question design, administration and analysis
  • Complete a systematic assessment of the role of fatigue in events
  • Manage Fatigue Safety Advisory Group (FSAG) meetings
  • Engage with senior management regarding fatigue hazards and necessary mitigations

Delivered How & When You Need It

The training is designed to be delivered to you in one-to-one sessions across a number of weeks, each with a different area of focus. This means that you have time to implement what you have learned, and come back to us with any questions and clarifications. Because the training is completely tailored to you, we can arrange sessions to fit around your work commitments and help you prepare for upcoming events such as audits or your first FSAG meeting.

Part of our Fatigue Risk Management Portfolio

Part of our suite of Fatigue Risk Management Training and Consultancy Services, our FRM competence development service is ideal for individuals with limited FRM experience. It recognises that safety professionals in an organisation need to develop specialised competence if the organisation’s FRM is to thrive and deliver benefits. We offer this support as a stand-alone service, but it is most effective when it forms part of an organisation’s journey of FRM implementation.