Helping you measure and improve your journey through Compliance to Performance

The Baines Simmons Safety Management and Risk Reduction Toolkit (SMARRT MAP) has been developed to assist organisations to understand, build and power up their management system for performance. It provides clarity, focus and direction for safety leaders aspiring to achieve effective safety management.

Organisational Safety Performance is achieved from four core management system elements and five key performance enablers.

Organisational safety is people and system-centric and focused on the ‘human in the system’.

How it works

Our SMARRT MAP is a highly powerful tool that can be used at all levels: it can help inspire a safety vision, create safety strategies, direct management objectives and drive operational initiatives on the flight deck, workshop or hangar. It helps you understand not just if your organisation is compliant, but how well your organisation complies with the regulations.

It goes beyond meeting compliance, helping you better understand the performance level of your regulatory compliance and compliance monitoring management systems.

It assists you to measure and evaluate how well your error management, human factors and safety risk management systems are operating.

Knowing how to manage your people, processes and procedures to continually improve your organisation’s safety will support your journey towards a Performance-Based Environment driven by proactive and predictive activities, rather than occurrence and reactive safety risk management.

Using our SMARRT MAP we can work with you to evaluate, benchmark and identify areas for enhancement towards overall safety performance improvement.

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