Air Operations

European regulations developed by EASA for Air Operators were introduced in October 2012. The rules demand that Air Operators’ senior management engage in safety leadership in order to be able to demonstrate effectively and proactively how they manage safety performance across their organisation.

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Air Operators need a new approach to managing regulatory compliance

The introduction of EASA Air Operations requirements calls for a fundamentally different approach to the management of regulatory compliance and safety and ultimately spearheads the way for a profound shift in the regulatory system. The changes introduced were far from superficial; EU-OPS, JAR OPS 3 or other national level regulations have not simply been replaced with like-for-like EASA requirements; the new requirements essentially form the foundation for the regulator’s move towards establishing a performance-based environment at a total system level, where safety is proactively driven to be ever more effectively managed.
Looking ahead, Air Operators now have significant opportunities to fully integrate the management of safety across their business, achieving commercial and competitive advantage if they succeed. Whereas historically effort has been focused on setting up and implementing a Safety Management System (SMS), operators will need to switch their focus to a more integrated approach to Safety Management, which can best be achieved through risk-based decision-making that is supported by a high-performing Compliance Monitoring Function (CMF).

Our expertise

Our Air Operations expertise spans all sectors of industry to ensure we can guide and advise Operators in a holistic and integrated way that fully supports the needs of individual organisations, large or small. We offer a range of tailored AOC approval services that are designed to support organisations through periods of regulatory change and advise on the practical implementation of effective performance-driven safety management.

Challenges you may be facing 

  • You’re struggling to keep up-to-date with the regulations and understand how they affect your organisation
  • You’re struggling to comply with certain aspects of the regulations
  • Staff competence, particularly when preparing for Form 4 interviews with your regulatory authority, is not adequate
  • You need to understand how to manage risk-based oversight and acquire the skills you will need to do this effectively across your organisation
  • You need help to be able to measure safety performance and leadership
  • You need help implementing approval and oversight of Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) in your organisation in order to comply with forthcoming changes to the regulations (ORO.FTL.120)

How we can help 

Through our hands-on experience and expertise of working with operators around the globe and across all sectors of industry, we offer a wide range of AOC approval services that are tailored to your individual requirements:
Regulatory training and advisory services – helping you to understand and apply the regulations as it pertains to your organisational approval

Safety management training and consultancy – helping you to understand the philosophies and build your systems so that you proactively manage safety and demonstrate compliance to your regulator. This includes helping you understand and build your safety management system as well as delving into specific areas such as risk management (including fatigue risk management), safety leadership and safety assurance to help you optimise the performance of safety management across your organisation

Diagnosing your organisation structure and processes and, using Baines proprietary (SMARRT) tools and models, make recommendations resulting in performance improvements and reduced risk of liability