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Approvals – Recovering from non-compliance

Facing the risk of a partial or full suspension of your approval is something all organisations need to safeguard against as the impact on both your reputation and your bottom line is likely to be severe. Helping to mitigate these risks, or in the worst case, redressing the situation, is our area of expertise. Our regulatory consultants will work with you in confidence for as long as you need us to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

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Challenges you may be facing

Accountability for safety within an organisation resides with the Accountable Manager and your approval remains valid as long as you remain compliant with the requirements that pertain to it. Evidence of significant non-compliance will mean that your competent authority has the right to suspend, limit or revoke your approval.

  • You’ve received a Level 1 or significant Level 2 finding from your Authority as a result of significant non-compliance with the regulations
  • You do not fully understand how to find the root cause(s) of your non-compliance
  • You need to define, write and implement a corrective action plan and/or instigate an organisation-wide approval recovery programme
  • You need to demonstrate to your regulator that you are taking appropriate corrective action – addressing the effects of non-compliance as well as the root cause(s)
  • You need help understanding and keeping up-to-date with the regulations as well as knowing how they affect your organisation
  • You need to engage with your Regulatory Authority to minimise ‘damage’ to the organisation

Areas of expertise

Working across the industry, we partner design and production organisations, continuing airworthiness and maintenance organisations and airlines around the globe with our approval services.

We have demonstrable experience in assisting organisations to recover their regulatory approvals in accordance with EASA requirements following interventions by their Competent Authorities.

Drawing on their extensive personal experience and expertise, our expert regulatory consultants provide professional advice, guidance and practical support that is geared to help minimise losses and reputational damage, secure regulator, shareholder and supplier confidence and ensure the smooth operation of day-to-day business is maintained.

How we can help

We can help you see a clear way forward and accelerate your organisation’s recovery, regaining and building trust from your regulator and demonstrating continuous improvement in your activities.

All our services are designed to facilitate permanent improvements and leave a legacy of improved competence and organisational performance. Some of the ways we may be able to help include:

  • Helping you engage more effectively with your regulator, building their confidence in your recovery activities
  • Preparing you for Nominated Person/Form 4 Holder interviews with your regulator
  • Defining, writing and implementing an approval recovery programme
  • Identifying appropriate corrective actions and devising an implementation plan
  • Conducting root cause analysis audits
  • Conducting independent audits
  • Writing or amending related documentation such as expositions, contracts, procedures, manuals and MELs
  • Regaining compliance with EASA regulations
  • Providing safety management and leadership competence development
  • Providing technical skills competence training
  • Assisting with recruitment of new staff