Baines Simmons has long championed the potential benefits of ‘intelligent’ continuing airworthiness management and has helped evolve new approaches to advance CAMO performance.

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Our offerings

Helping operators to ‘listen’ to their aircraft, think about airworthiness in a much broader way and develop the skills needed to achieve the benefits of an effective CAMO Skills has provided great return on investment for our clients.
We can help you to understand: 

  • How to improve fleet availability, reliability and safety
  • How to reduce maintenance costs
  • What new skills, techniques and approaches are required as performance becomes a reality in CAMO oversight

Introducing our new CAMO Core Competence Framework

As ICAO SARPS and in turn, EASA’s oversight approach move towards a performance-based environment, new challenges are emerging for CAMOs as they seek to evolve the way continuing airworthiness is managed.

The CAMO is now an established part of the civil system for the management of continuing airworthiness, an evolution from the old world of compliance management, planning and records. Since the introduction of a more intelligent way of ensuring aircraft remain Safe and Reliable, and that maintenance is cost-effective and optimised for the operation, the opportunity to achieve significant commercial advantage remains untapped with some operators.
Our team includes a number of highly experienced ex-UKCAA regulators, previously responsible for the oversight of both commercial and private aircraft airworthiness and Baines Simmons Founding Director, Bob Simmons, was responsible for UK CAA Continuing Airworthiness policy immediately prior to forming the company.

Challenges you may be facing

  • Our aircraft fleet reliability is poor impacting flight operation despatch performance – we aren’t getting value out of our reliability system.
  • It feels like we are spending too much on maintenance and the Maintenance Programme is not effective.
  • We have adopted the manufacturers’ maintenance recommendations and don’t know what to do next.
  • We are changing our operating profile and don’t know how to proactively update our maintenance regime.
  • We are introducing a new aircraft type to our fleet and have not got the capacity to develop the necessary documents and programme.
  • We have not got the skills to investigate technical failures and identify possible solutions.
  • We are not getting value out of our Airworthiness Reviews. Yes, the aircraft are serviceable on the day of the review, but we don’t seem to be able to prevent system failures/overruns.

How we can help

We can help you to develop a performing CAMO, adding value to your operation and optimising your aircraft maintenance budget. Our SMARRT® Airworthiness Management Diagnostic will critically examine the enablers for CAMO performance and highlight weaknesses in management systems.

Our training solutions go far beyond mere regulatory training, providing your CAMO personnel with the skills required to actively and creatively manage continuing airworthiness. Aligned with the core CAMO continuous improvement philosophy, our Airworthiness Review training is aimed at providing tangible benefits.

Our Airworthiness Advisory and Diagnostic Services help to uncover areas of non-compliance and risk within your organisation; we can then work with you to create practical solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce risk.

Our highly interactive CAMO Workshops are designed to stimulate discussion that supports CAMOs in their understanding of the benefits to be gained from a smarter, more efficient and cohesive approach to ‘performance’ in the CAMO environment. Attendees will debate the combination of measures required to not only achieve compliance, but progress towards a performance-based approach to continuing airworthiness. They also include discussion around the organisation-wide CAMO competence requirements that are pivotal to creating the right future capability.