Our breadth of experience allows us to assist CAMOs, MROs and other organisations to improve their understanding of the intent of the regulation as well as develop the skills required for the practical application of Part M requirements.

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With our support, we can help you to:

  • Improve compliance through competence development
  • Save money and reduce risks through a more flexible approach to compliance
  • Gain competitive advantage by successful application of the regulation in your organisation
  • Minimise risk to your organisation through un-witting non-compliance
  • Align organisational processes and practices with the regulation for greater efficiency
  • Increase regulator confidence in you and your organisation

Challenges you may be facing

  • Knowing how to interpret Part M in the context of EASA regulatory framework, including its interface with Part 145, Part 147 and Part 66
  • Understanding your AOC responsibilities under Part M
  • Understanding ARC Procedures and acquiring the necessary competence to conduct Reviews
  • Understanding the regulatory requirements (M.A.710 Airworthiness Review) and how to interpret the regulations in relation to your specific role

How we can help

  • Advisory support
  • Introductory training at our Aviation Safety Academy
  • Bespoke in-company training and competence development training courses covering Regulations, Compliance and Safety Management
  • Airworthiness Consulting Services – Diagnostics and Performance Reviews
    Continuing Airworthiness Competence
  • Development Pathway – see how our training programmes and consulting services create a unified competence pathway for improved organisational performance and personal career progression