Maintenance Organisations & MROs

Maintenance Organisations form a vital element in the Continuing Airworthiness system. The safe, efficient and reliable delivery of scheduled tasks and defect rectification involves the deployment of resources and competent staff in a highly structured and controlled way to ensure compliant and safe maintenance standards.

Acting as the eyes and ears of the CAMO, maintainers have to consistently deliver defined maintenance standards and through good maintenance records, enable the CAMO to continuously improve the operational performance, reliability and safety of the aircraft.

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New regulatory challenges for MROs

As EASA considers bolstering the requirements to implement component Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, with a probable increased focus from the Competent Authorities, component MROs will need to ensure that they are applying best practices and stay up to speed with regulatory change if they are to offer the best value and great ROI to their customers.

Current regulatory requirements define a highly prescriptive Quality System, however implementing the regulations in a smart way can reap efficiencies and, based on their historic accident provenance, high safety standards.

Why Baines Simmons?

Our team includes a number of highly experienced MRO Managers and ex-UK CAA regulators, previously responsible for the oversight of AMOs across the spectrum. We have extensive experience and working methodologies to support organisations to achieve not just certification or recover from adverse audit findings, but real performance benefits and competitive advantage.

Challenges you may be facing

  • We need assistance to gain our EASA Part 145 approval
  • We need to have a better grip on how to interface with Part M, Part 147 and Part 66 regulations to be fully compliant
  • We need a better understanding of the regulations so that we can secure our organisation's approval
  • We are having problems with maintenance standards, with frequent quality drop-offs
  • We need to improve the competence of our Technical Representative
  • I am a new manager and want to ensure that the Competent Authority will sign my Form 4
  • Our maintenance engineers need a better understanding of the regulations so that they follow procedures
  • We want to get some value out of our certifying staff continuation training
  • The performance of our organisation is poor.
  • We struggle to complete maintenance tasks on time and suffer repeated mistakes
  • Our customers are not happy with our work

How we can help

Our training solutions go far beyond merely regurgitating the regulation, providing your personnel with the relevant knowledge and specialist skills required to deliver maintenance to consistently high standards.

Through our wide range of training programmes and broader consultancy services, we can help you to:

  • Understand the intent of the regulations and how to make them work for you, implementing an efficient management system, passing regulatory audits and securing a commercially sound and legally compliant organisation.
  • Deliver true customer satisfaction and great service to your customers by giving you the skills, confidence and competence to know how to interface effectively with aircraft operators and demonstrate how your organisation contributes to their aircraft safety and reliability.
  • Achieve or rescue your organisation certification (approval), applying our proven organisation development methodology to secure organisational performance as well as compliance.
  • Critically assess your organisation, identifying areas for performance improvement and benchmarking you against industry best practices using our SMARRTĀ® diagnostic services. Where required, we can map out a development pathway to bridge any gaps identified.
  • Improve regulator confidence in your activities. Our post-holder development service supports your managers to gain acceptance by the Competent Authority and helps them build competence to effectively manage maintenance activities.
  • Improve operational effectiveness and contribute to bottom-line improvement. In combination with our Human Factors, Error Management and Quality services, our maintenance management training courses can guarantee a reduction in safety risks associated with maintenance error; help to reduce rework and associated costs and improve on-time delivery.