DAOS and MAOS services to help you gain, operate and integrate organisation approval into your management system

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What is DAOS?

In the UK, the Design Approved Organization Scheme (DAOS) is a means by which the MOD can assess the competency of design organisations. It provides an independent assessment of the competence of defence contractors and service organisations involved in the design of aircraft systems, associated equipment and airborne explosive ordnance and armament equipment. Details of the approval scheme are published in MAA Regulatory Article 5000 series.

What is MAOS?
In the UK, the Maintenance Approved Organisation Scheme (MAOS) is a means by which the MOD can assess the competency of organisations wishing to provide either maintenance or continuing airworthiness support services for UK military registered aircraft. The requirements are defined within the MAA RA 4000 series.

It is a joint MOD and industry venture that has developed a regulatory framework in order to enable industry partnering arrangements and long-term service provision. The regulatory framework has been based on the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) model as specified in EC Regulation 1321/2014.

How we can help

We offer a range of training courses designed for defence organisations at our Aviation Safety Academy in Surrey or offered in-house. Delivered by Consultants with specialist experience and a military background, they are broadly designed to help you:

  • Keep up to speed with changes to the regulations
  • Understand the MAOS/DAOS process and the strategic handling of your organisation’s approvals
  • Ensure you meet your continuous airworthiness obligations
  • Get the best performance out of your management systems
  • Optimally integrate multiple approvals (e.g. DAOS and EMAR 21 Subpart J) into your management system