EMAR 147/66

Part 147/66 regulates the approval of Maintenance Training Organisations (MTOs) and Engineer Licensing.

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EMAR 147/66 – Approved Maintenance Training Organisations (MTOs) and Certifying Staff

Knowing how to construct your Maintenance Training Organisation Exposition and to write and control training material that meets regulatory requirements is fundamental to maintaining your approval. Our experience can help with these matters, as well as provide you with the skills to conduct quality oversight and audit programmes and basic and type training requirements.

How we can help 

We offer a comprehensive advisory and support service to help you to:

  • Apply a more business-focused approach to training organisation compliance
  • Run an effective Part 147 approval – the organisation, documentation, planning and control
  • Understand MTO Form 4 Holder and management responsibilities
  • Increase regulator confidence in you and your organisation
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs through smarter alignment of processes and procedures with the regulation