Part 21 regulates the approval of aircraft design and production organisations and the certification of aircraft Products, Parts and Appliances.

We help organisations seeking to obtain and maintain a Design Organisation Approval (DOA) or Production Organisation Approval (POA) to achieve:

  • Significant performance improvements resulting from a proactive approach to managing certification and production
  • Reduced losses due to rework, delays, and product integrity
  • Improved organisational efficiency
  • Improved Regulator confidence
  • Reduced risk of liability

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Challenges you may be facing

  • Balancing the demands of the regulator and client to deliver safe, compliant and cost-effective designs and products
  • Ensuring your design/production systems are compliant with all aspects of Part-21 while contributing to maximum business efficiency
  • Managing an effective certification plan to ensure robust and efficient demonstration of compliance to certification specification
  • Co-ordination of Design and Production functions
  • Identification and capture of requirements
  • Proactively ensuring that safety assessments and safety cases meet the intent of certification codes
  • Obtaining new approvals and maintaining existing approvals with minimum disruption to existing management systems