Military Aviation Approvals – Approval Recovery

Our world of advancing technology means systems are becoming more complex. This, in turn, means a greater investment of time and resources to ensure your products (whether they are an aircraft, engine, component or appliance) are not only fit for purpose but safe and meet certification standards. Not managed well, this can lead to spiralling costs or risks to your organisation’s approval.

By taking a proactive approach to initial airworthiness and the management of certification, design and production organisations will see returns in the form of:

  • Reduced losses due to rework and delays
  • A more robust product integrity
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced level of involvement from the regulator
  • Reduced risk of liability

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Initial Airworthiness challenges you may be facing

  • You’re unclear on how to transition from a ‘trying to certify the design’ mentality to a ‘designing for certification’ approach
  • You’re unsure how emerging regulations (EASA MDM.060) around the introduction of SMS into Part 21 organisations will affect you
  • You face challenges with running civil and military programs under different authorisations (e.g. DOA, ADOA and DAOS), but within the same Design Assurance System
  • You’re seeking efficiencies from your organisation’s initial airworthiness processes to be competitive in the market, but are cognizant of the need to continue to meet regulatory and safety standards

How we can help with Initial Airworthiness

Regulatory training – helping you to understand and apply the regulations relating to initial airworthiness organisational approvals within your organisation. This includes:

  • EASA Part 21 and EMAR 21 (all subparts)
  • UK MAA DAOS (Design & Modification Engineering 500 Series of Regulatory Articles)
  • Airworthiness Codes – assisting you in developing your competence in efficiently proving compliance. Our areas of speciality include:
    • Safety Assessments/Safety Cases
    • Electrical Wiring Integration Systems (EWIS)
    • Human Factors in design 
    • Design and Production Organisation Performance – diagnosing your organisation's structure, processes and culture (using Baines proprietary (SMARRT) tools and models) to make recommendations resulting in performance improvements and reduced risk of liability.