Human Factors & Error Management

World leaders in the design, building and implementation of civil and defence Human Factors & Error Management Systems

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World leaders in the design, building and implementation of civil and defence Human Factors & Error Management Systems

Despite technological advancements, human error is still the major cause of aviation incidents and accidents. Understanding the role of the human in our systems and processes, especially their strengths and weaknesses, is the last step to overcome in improving safety.

For more than a decade, Baines Simmons has offered trusted advisor support and services in the civil and defence sectors to help develop, implement and enhance organisation-wide Human Factors (HF) and Error Management (HFEM) programmes. From initial and recurrent HF training, policy and procedure development through to specialist areas such as event investigation and review, our services are designed to help you move beyond compliance to achieve performance.

Our highly experienced investigators help organisations understand and implement smart and effective methodologies to uncover the root causes of events so that appropriate interventions both at individual and organisational levels can be implemented to help reduce the likelihood of any re-occurrence.

How we can help

Mandated by EASA, Human Factors training is a must for all EASA Part 145 organisations and is also a vital consideration in an organisation’s Safety Management System. We have trained 1000s of professionals in Human Factors over the last 10 years and implemented and successfully embedded Error Management Systems (EMS) across some of the world’s leading civil and defence aviation organisations.

We can help you create an effective HF & EM System which will enable you to:

  • Improve risk-based decision-making capability with respect to human performance issues. Your system can provide greater visibility of hazards giving you the ability to assess and prioritise safety risks in context with other business risks.
  • Proactively highlight ineffective or weak defences in your organisation which can then be managed cost-effectively in line with strategic safety performance goals.
  • Enhance organisational resilience to the effects of human error. By undertaking behavioural-based interventions derived from effective investigations, you can reduce the likelihood of repeat occurrences.