Quality Assurance and Compliance Monitoring

The ever-evolving European regulations currently require organisations to operate Quality Management Systems. In the near future, broader management systems, supported by an integral Compliance Management function, will be required.

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Baines Simmons is widely recognised as a leading provider of certification verification, quality assurance, safety assurance and compliance monitoring services. These cover consulting, training and outsourced oversight auditing services. Our services are designed to develop the core competencies required by the regulations and help create skilled environments capable of generating real business benefits and operational safety performance.

Confident and competent auditors, continuous improvement activities, effective oversight procedures and quality assurance processes are hallmarks of a performing Quality Assurance/Compliance Monitoring System.

For your Compliance Monitoring System to be successful it must:

  • Attract and retain people with the right skills, especially in areas of specialised aviation safety
  • Have a pool of competent professionals with up-to-date knowledge of aviation regulations
  • Have impartial people with intimate knowledge of the core business process and systems

Challenges you may be facing 

  • Your ability to resource your oversight schedule is being hampered by commercial pressures
  • You are not confident that your internal auditors are fully competent in their audit techniques and believe they lack understanding of their roles and responsibilities
  • You are looking to improve internal standards and need to understand how your oversight function benchmarks against industry competitors
  • You need to demonstrate to your management team the business benefits that are being realised through your current oversight processes
  • You need to understand the quality and continuous improvement initiatives that your oversight activities deliver to the organisation

How we can help

  • QMS Performance improvement: We have helped clients in all aviation sectors around the world to improve the performance of their Quality Systems, from helping with the initial system build, through to implementing quality system performance improvement programmes
  • Our acclaimed Audit Techniques and Compliance Monitoring training programmes are recognised for their industry-leading techniques, assisting delegates to confidently and practically apply new skills and competence back in the workplace.
  • Our team of value-adding, professional auditors can act as an independent extension of your Compliance Monitoring Function, completing basic compliance verification, best-practice gap analysis and safety-focused performance audits on your behalf.
  • Quality Management Diagnostic - our diagnostic services provide an independent assessment of the practical application of your existing quality management systems, processes and procedures, giving you an impartial and objective view of how they are performing and where improvement measures can be implemented.