Just Culture

Does your organisation believe that ‘people will make mistakes and errors’ and treat instances where they occur as opportunities to learn vital safety lessons?

We work with organisations to help them build, operate and drive performance in their Just Culture. We help them strike a balance between a ‘blame culture’ and a ‘blame-free culture’ such that people are held properly and proportionally accountable for their actions or omissions and lessons can be learned for the future.

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How we can help 

All our services are designed to facilitate permanent improvements and leave a legacy of improved competence and organisational performance. Some of the ways we may be able to help include:
Phase 1: Understand the principles of Just Culture to help unlock and inform your organisation of critical safety-related information to improve safety performance in the future
Phase 2: Build a Just Culture and show how to sustain behaviours that underpin its principles
Phase 3: Acquire skills and competence to conduct effective investigations and determine the most appropriate interventions or actions to take
Phase 4: Develop an effective overall Safety Culture by understanding how Just Culture relates to the other sub-cultures (Reporting Culture, Flexible Culture and Learning & Questioning Cultures.

How our FAiR System can help you

Our FAiR® (Flowchart Analysis of Investigation Results) System is an innovative management tool for determining the nature of errors. It enables management to understand the causes behind an event and ensure appropriate remedial actions are taken. Simple to use, the tool requires minimal training and can be used by non Human Factors specialists.
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