Safety Risk Management

The Safety Risk Management process is an essential part of the Management System, enabling effective identification of hazards, risk probability and severity assessment, and the implementation and monitoring of risk reduction measures.

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New approach

ICAO introduced harmonised requirements for Safety Management Systems (SMS) implementation by aviation service providers in 2009.  Since then, aircraft operators and aviation service providers have been mandated to apply risk management processes within their organisational Management Systems.

Effective Safety Risk Management addresses the causes of potential incidents, accidents and occurrences before they occur. This creates value by avoiding harm to people, assets, environment and business performance.

A performance-based Risk Management System will help organisations to:

  • Enhance Management System function and business performance
  • Increase the identification of hazards and threats
  • Accurately assess risk likelihood and severity
  • Efficiently allocate resources for risk treatment
  • Encourage proactive management and control of safety-critical activities
  • Identify and treat emergent risks throughout the organisation
  • Increase operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Minimise losses and harms
  • Improve organisational learning from reports and occurrences
  • Produce data to improve decision making and resource planning
  • Improve incident management should an event occur
  • Strengthen organisational resilience and stakeholder confidence

Challenges you may be facing 

  • You need reassurance that the risks your organisation is exposed to are recognised and managed
  • You want to create a safety strategy that identifies the top risks and their operational impact
  • You’d like to understand how to manage risk across your organisation
  • You want to improve your Safety Risk Management competence
  • You require an impartial benchmark or Risk Management review

How we can help 

We have gained an enviable reputation within high hazard industries through our practical experience of designing and implementing Safety Risk Management, Human Factors, Error Management, Safety Culture and Safety Leadership programmes. Our practical approach to training and consulting enables our clients to achieve the highest levels of safety risk management performance, which contributes to greater operational success.
Our experts will help you implement and enhance a Safety Risk Management System:

  • We can guide the development of safety strategies and goals to achieve business and organisational objectives
  • We assist in the implementation of the Risk Management process
  • We improve how you identify hazards and assess risks
  • We provide expertise on risk reduction methods, such as barrier-based methodology
  • We facilitate the development of risk performance indicators to enhance predictive safety measurement
  • We advise on methods to monitor and review risks, such as BowTie
  • We help develop the Safety Risk Management competence of your personnel
  • Our diagnostic services assess risk management system enablers to establish your management system performance levels
  • We can review and evaluate your use of risk management tools, systems, analysis techniques and the scope of your risk profile.