Baines Simmons Awarded Contract with the UK Civil Aviation Authority

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Baines Simmons’ bespoke eLearning programme delivery will include expert-led webinars, videos and eLearning that focuses on key Performance Influencing Factors (PIFs). Baines Simmons adapted a bespoke virtual Learning Management System to meet the specific needs of the CAA. With user experience being a priority, the platform has been optimised for use on tablet and mobile, allowing individuals to access and complete the course at their own pace, in any place.

The eLearning package incorporates the use of Baines Simmons’ Flowchart Analysis of Investigation Results Just Culture tool (FAiR3) within the flying display environment. The use of FAiR3 helps users and organisations to establish and maintain effective processes and practice to drive safety culture across the flying display community. FAiR is an innovative management tool which enables users to review investigation details to determine the nature and causes behind events so that appropriate and effective actions are taken to prevent reoccurrence. Aviation regulations recognise the importance of Human Factors within safety management systems to contribute towards safe operations. FAiR3 provides powerful functionality to Baines Simmons’ bespoke eLearning package.

Ian Holder, Managing Director, Baines Simmons, said:


Baines Simmons is incredibly pleased to be awarded a contract with the UK CAA. To provide a training solution for the UK regulator is a fantastic endorsement and a testament to the hard work and expertise of our team. The Human Factors in Air Displays package demonstrates that Baines Simmons’ expertise and reputation for safety are guaranteed across both in-person and eLearning formats. The mandatory course will prove an invaluable tool for the display flying community, improving safety, and ensuring the public is able to enjoy such demonstrations for the years to come.