Baines Simmons Partners With New Zealand Defence Force to Provide Bespoke Virtual Training Programme

Friday, January 1, 2021

Baines Simmons, specialist in aviation regulations, compliance and safety management, has partnered with the New Zealand Defence Force to provide a bespoke virtual training programme, covering topics including airworthiness standards and international regulation standards.

While 2020 has proved challenging for conventional work streams and traditional classroom-based training, it has also presented opportunities for Baines Simmons, part of the Safety & Security division of aviation services provider Air Partner, to expand its virtual training offerings. This has enabled Baines Simmons’ training consultants to work closely with Royal New Zealand Air Force personnel remotely, navigating the time zone difference by working through the night to deliver high-quality bespoke training.

The New Zealand Defence Force has recently chosen to adopt the European Military Airworthiness Requirements (EMAR) as the basis of its Aviation Safety Framework, alongside their closest Defence partner the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Since that decision was made the NZDF has been working closely with the ADF who have provided guidance and support as the NZDF begin their transition to the new framework.

Spanning the period October 2020 through to May 2021, the training covers Baines Simmons’ areas of core competencies, including modules focused on NZDF Defence Aviation Regulations (DARs) 21 – Certification, M – Management of Continuing Airworthiness & 145 – Maintenance. The DARs are the NZDF variant of the EMAR and together they constitute a significant part of the NZDF aviation regulatory structure issued by the New Zealand Defence Aviation Authority.

Baines Simmons’ training aims to guide learners through understanding the regulations, interpreting their intent and creating a more constructive approach to compliance, with attendees coming to understand the differences between accountability and responsibility and understanding how their job role fits within regulatory requirement.

“As we begin our transition to full regulatory compliance, there’s been no pause in our operations. We recognised the need to prepare our people for the journey ahead whilst continuing to fly throughout the Pandemic,” says Wing Commander Trev Hammond. “Working with Baines Simmons’ has ensured we not only fully understand the DARs, but are able to interpret and apply them to our work streams, ultimately helping us improve aircraft safety, increase operational fleet readiness and availability and reduce potential costs incurred through ineffective maintenance and airworthiness management. Baines Simmons have been very flexible, providing a bespoke virtual environment that meets our specific needs, working across time zones to deliver it.”

“While the focus has largely been on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the disruption to the commercial aviation industry, the military aviation sector and its needs, have continued with business as usual,” explains Ian Holder, MD Baines Simmons. “Those needs have included ongoing regulatory training and ensuring that maintenance standards are fully understood and adhered to as high standards of compliance and safety are paramount.”

“Leveraging our experience as a leading training consultancy, we have been able to move to virtual training throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. This has allowed us to partner with clients, like the New Zealand Defence Force, to provide bespoke training that is much more accessible; bridging geography and time zones without sacrificing quality of training and eliminating costly travel requirements. We’re looking to continue providing this flexibility to our global partners into the future, post pandemic.”

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