Updated Course: TS01 Management Systems – Safety Responsibilities

Monday, March 1, 2021

We are delighted to announce a complete update to our popular, 1 day, TS01 Management System Course, formerly “SMS -Essentials for Aviation Professionals” now re-named “Management Systems – Safety Responsibilities”. 

 Why have we updated this course?

 The course has been updated for many reasons. Firstly, to respond to the needs of our clients to better address how to enable an integrated management system within their organisation and identify all safety responsibilities. It’s important to recognise, everyone has a part to play and to reinforce the role of the safety department as a support function, enabling safety to be integral to the organisation’s daily operation.

 Secondly, we updated the course to align with our current thinking on how an effective management system can be implemented or improved. Having worked with a wide variety of organisations worldwide, assisting in ensuring they not only gain regulatory compliance, but fully utilise an understanding of safety performance, to keep operating safely and effectively. 

 This approach also fits within our SMARRT MAP™ methodology and with our recently updated TS02 “Practical Application of Safety Management Systems” course (which is more in depth and intended for Safety Managers and those who work day to day within the SMS). 

 Our TS01 course was one of the first to be developed as an online course from the outset, as well as being available via our more traditional classroom setting or delivered in-company. We have been very successful in converting our existing portfolio to meet the current needs of home or remote working and have received great feedback. With the advantages brought by online delivery our virtual courses will continue even after the current pandemic restrictions are lifted, and it was natural to include this capability from the drawing board throughout the development. 

 This course was also the first Baines Simmons course to be produced using graphical and educational expertise from our Air Partner Group Security experts, Redline Assured Security. The course material now has a very modern look whilst still retaining the Baines Simmons style, simplicity and clarity of message. 

 We also wanted to reflect the emphasis in current and forthcoming regulations on having a management system that is integrated and does not necessarily separate the SMS element. We fully endorse this approach as it enables safety to become an inherent part of how business is done, rather than regarded as a separate activity. 

 Who should attend this Management System – Safety Responsibilities course?

 The course is intended as a foundation course for;

 Nominated Persons, Head of flight ops etc.  
Safety or Quality person out of each department  
Safety Team – safety officers & safety analysts  
Audit team  
Safety Review Board (SRB) and Safety Action Group members (SAG)
 It is recommended that Accountable Managers attend our TS60 workshop but this course also helps Accountable Managers understand how the management system will work for them.

 The aims and objectives;

 To develop understanding of SMS as a tool to support risk-based decision making in the context of operational effectiveness and the ownership thereof.  

 Discuss what is safety and investigate the evolution of the management of safety 
Examine and help delegates understand their safety responsibilities 
Explore how various elements of a MS can support risk-based decision making (includes all elements of the SMARRT MAP™) 
Explore how to enable and assure effective safety performance 
 We are looking forward to delivering this updated course, we firmly believe it provides clear insight into Management System requirements and capabilities and will greatly help our clients achieve an effective safety performance. 

 We look forward to seeing you in the classroom or online soon. 

 For course dates see https://bit.ly/38yobjg