Aviation Compliance Monitoring
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Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

We specialise in auditor skills, competence development and building performance-driven Compliance Monitoring Functions

EASA has now extended its Compliance Monitoring requirements for Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operators into the Continuing Airworthiness Regulation with similar requirements likely to be mandated into Initial Airworthiness in the near future. The need to have an effective Quality Management System and competent quality auditors therefore remains ever present.

Effective auditing assists organisations to understand the maturity of their Compliance Monitoring/Quality Assurance management system and is the first step to gaining a competitive business advantage. Using our proven auditor training techniques, we have provided foundation and advanced auditor skills training to hundreds of auditors and regulators from around the world, including EASA, the UK CAA and the UK MAA.

Working with you, or on your behalf, our team of expert auditors are capable of completing basic compliance verification, best-practice gap analysis and safety-focused performance audits using our Diagnostic Services. Our Compliance Monitoring/Quality Management Diagnostic Services are designed to provide an expert, independent and objective assessment of the practical application of your existing Compliance Monitoring/ Quality Management System’s processes and procedures.

Challenges you may be facing

  • Difficulties and delays in getting to the root cause of audit investigations
  • Understanding how the role of Compliance Monitoring needs to adapt to future regulatory requirements
  • Processing risk-based alternative means of compliance
  • Under-performing quality targets and a risk of falling product standards or operational safety
  • Loss of stakeholder and/or regulator confidence

How we can help

Our experienced auditors focus on helping organisations develop effective compliance monitoring and auditing services that will:

  • Move your organisation from pure compliance to gaining real business improvement and cost reduction from your management system
  • Provide assurance of all the management functions, including staffing, compliance with applicable regulations, levels of competency and training by getting to root cause
  • Increase Regulator confidence in your organisation and help build or enhance the credibility of your Safety and Quality departments
  • Build a current risk picture that prepares your organisation for adopting and operating an effective Safety Management System
  • Deliver intelligent audit findings that produce foundations for more effective safety interventions


Are your quality policies, procedures and processes fully understood by your management teams and staff?

The ability of your personnel – be they at a management level or operating at a grass roots level – to understand how quality policies, procedures and processes relate to their specific roles is a fundamental building block of success for achieving an effective Compliance Monitoring Function. We can help raise awareness of the roles and responsibilities of the Compliance Monitoring Function and the purpose it fulfils, showing you how to become a competent ‘Compliance Monitor’, confidently understanding and assessing the risks that are presented and engaging with the wider business to demonstrate its importance and relevance to the organisation.

Do your auditors lack best-practice audit skills?

There are many skills and techniques needed by an auditor in order to be effective. Auditors need to be able to not only identify obvious causes of non-compliance, but also establish the root cause so that solutions can be developed that will benefit the organisation over the long term, leading to improved business efficiency. We offer practical skills training in audit techniques (TQ02 Practical Skills for Auditors) which encompasses the preparation and completion of a live audit – giving auditors immediate take-home skills that can be introduced into their working environment with immediate effect.

How capable is your Compliance Monitoring Function of continuously monitoring itself to improve its performance? How confident are you that your Safety

Do your assurance processes adequately monitor your organisation’s Safety Risk Management System?

Through bespoke competence development workshops, we can help you to develop techniques to monitor and analyse the performance of your quality/compliance monitoring system as well as improve overall skills required for activities such as data interpretation, root cause analysis of findings, failure investigations and mitigations. Getting buy-in from other management teams to act on your recommendations to reduce repetitive findings and failures is an example of a core personal competence that can be developed in order to show continuous improvement of the Compliance Monitoring Function.

How does the culture of your organisation impact the day-to-day activities of your Compliance Monitoring Function?

Led from the top, the culture of an organisation has enormous influence on the attitudes and behaviours of staff and can directly impact an organisation’s ability to effectively manage safety. If you find that risks are not being readily identified or managed effectively or that staff are fearful of reporting non-compliance matters then we can help improve matters through a cultural diagnostic survey. Looking across all management systems and the key enablers of leadership, competence, capability, culture and assurance we can help create a focussed action plan to improve the safety culture of your organisation.