UK CAA / EASA Parts 147/66 – Essentials

TR15 | 2 days

This overview course is ideal for those with limited Part 147 / Part 66 knowledge. By discussing the latest thinking, participants gain a clear insight into their responsibilities, how to gain and maintain approval and how to apply a more business-focused approach to training organisation and licensed aircraft engineer training compliance. 

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15 Apr - 16 Apr 2024

Virtual Classroom

£910.00 (excl. VAT)

14 Oct - 15 Oct 2024

Virtual Classroom

£910.00 (excl. VAT)

In-Company Training

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Key Content

  • The international legal environment; the structure of EASA and European regulations
  • Regulations EC 216/2008 and EC 2042/2003, with a specific focus on Part 147 and Part 66
  • MTO Form 4 holder and management responsibilities
  • Running an effective Part 147 approval, the organisation, documentation, planning and control
  • Part 66 course types and requirements
  • Part 66 Licence levels (A, B1, B2, B3 and C)  

Benefits of Attending 

  • Effective compliance and reduced risk
  • Improved efficiency and reduction in costs through better alignment of business processes and practices with the regulation
  • Increased competence and confidence to discuss Part 147 and Part 66 with regulatory authority staff

Who Should Attend

This course is specifically designed for new practitioners, typically:

  • Training Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Accountable Managers
  • Form 4 Holders

It is also beneficial for:

  • General Managers of attached MRO
  • Finance Managers of attached MRO
  • Engineering Training Coordinators

Course LevelPractitioner Level Training (P)
Suitable for those who have worked in the subject for some time, are familiar with core terminologies and concepts and are looking to develop or update their level of knowledge and practical understanding.