Improving your CAMO Performance - Workshop

TR36 | 2 days

An effective Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) can add significant value to any operation - it's not just about planning, records and compliance. Its goal should be to ensure the safety and reliability of the aircraft it manages whilst minimising maintenance costs. This workshop will enable you to identify underperforming processes in your CAMO, provide you with insights into airworthiness management best practice, improve your airworthiness problem-solving skills and ultimately, improve the airworthiness of the aircraft you manage.

In-Company Training

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Key Content

  • Recap the concept of airworthiness and understand the high-level roles and responsibilities of relevant stakeholders
  • Maintenance Programme principles and optimisation
  • Key Part M compliance issues

Benefits of Attending

  • Improve the performance of data gathering and analysis processes
  • Improve airworthiness problem-solving abilities
  • Improve communications and the ability to hold other stakeholders to account
  • Reduce audit non-conformities and improve interfaces with other airworthiness stakeholders

Who Should Attend

  • CAMO Managers
  • Specialist Technical Personnel
  • CAMO Sub-contractors
  • Quality Assurance Staff
  • Staff responsible for design / certification activities
  • Air Operations Technical Managers

Course Level 
Advanced Level Training (A)
Suitable for those with significant relevant experience in the subject matter who are looking to enhance their specialist skills and knowledge to keep abreast of latest regulatory and technical developments.