Introduction to BowTie Methodology

TS130 | 1 day

Understanding BowTie Methodology empowers personnel to contribute to the identification and monitoring of operational risks faced by high-hazard organizations. This one-day course guides delegates through the components and function of BowTie, enabling them to understand, review and assist in the building of BowTies.

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18 Nov - 18 Nov 2024

Virtual Classroom

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In-Company Training

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How will this course benefit me?

This course will enable delegates to:

• Understand the architecture of BowTie
• Identify where BowTie helps with safety risk management
• Understand barrier-based approach to risk management
• Assist with Bowtie construction
• Review barrier performance
• Critically review existing BowTies

Key areas of focus

• Identifying where BowTie methodology can be used across the safety management system pillars
• Defining hazards and threats appropriately
• Understanding the barrier-based approach to risk management
• Identifying different barrier types and understanding their vulnerabilities
• Gathering evidence to monitor barrier effectiveness

Is this course right for me?

This course helps embryonic organizations and those who are high-performing and wish to improve. It suits 
personnel at all levels who contribute to the safety performance of their organization. 

• Safety management personnel who help build, manage or review BowTies
• Operational staff responsible for risk reduction measures 
• Auditors and assessors who measure organisational risk control performance

This course can also be delivered in-company at your site facilities and if necessary adapted so that it meets the needs of managers looking to induct their teams and larger workforce in the concepts of Safety Management. Speak to a Baines Simmons learning advisor for more information.

Baines Simmons is an official training solution provider and distributor of Wolters Kluwer’s Enablon Bowtie Suite solutions.


While there are no firm prerequisites for attending this course, a working understanding of Safety Risk Management principles would be desirable.

Course details

Course format: Facilitated discussion of topics presented using PowerPoint. Delegates then participate in the guided building of BowTie through the facilitator using Whiteboard or BowTieXP where appropriate. The practical session reinforces how the methodology is used to convey and manage risk, via safety management assurance activities. The course empowers delegates to meaningfully critique existing BowTies from an informed standpoint.
Course level: Foundation Level Training (F) is suitable for those who are new to the concept of BowTie risk management.
Assessment process: No formal assessment. Formative feedback is provided by the facilitator.
Course size: 12 persons maximum virtually, at our Aviation Safety Academy or on-site at your facility.

Frequently asked questions

Will this course help my business performance?

Yes - empowering your personnel to engage with BowTies will help recognize and control the risks which affect safety, output and reputation.

I don’t create Bowties, but I am required to review and interpret them as the responsible owner for the organisational risks and controls. Is this the right course for me?

Yes, this course helps safety, quality and auditing personnel who manage and review existing risk management activities.

I’ve already built and disseminated our BowTies, how will this course help my staff?

Front line personnel are often best placed to recognize hazards, threats and underperformning risk controls which may undermine your ALARP position. This course will help them feed that information into your risk picture and improve safety performance.

Do I need BowTieXP for this course?

No, this course is methodology focused and not anchored to specific software.