Continuing Airworthiness Management Skills for the UK Defence Aviation CAMO

TT08 | 3 days

This course will introduce and examine the key tasks expected of a UK Defence CAMO. It focuses on enabling delegates to develop or discover principles, techniques and skills with a view to achieving greater effectiveness.

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15 Oct - 17 Oct 2024

Bracknell Academy

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How will this course benefit me?
The CAMO plays an essential role in the safeguarding of aircraft certification standards, ensuring high levels of availability and underpinning aviation safety, whilst minimising maintenance costs.

Aircraft reliability and safety do not come naturally; you have to work at them. A value-adding CAMO makes the difference between believing your aircraft are serviceable and knowing that you have control of continuing airworthiness.

This 3 day course is focused on the continuous improvement of aircraft safety and availability by the CAMO, exploiting the data provided by existing systems and empowering your people to creatively manage the airworthiness of your fleet. You will develop a fresh approach to the active management of aircraft reliability, thereby underpinning safe operations. It is techniques-based, designed to develop the competencies of those involved in airworthiness management.

This course will give you the skills to successfully develop existing systems to facilitate the implementation of an effective Airworthiness Management System so that as an organisation you can:

• Improve aircraft availability, whilst minimizing ineffective tasks and reducing maintenance costs
• Eliminate recurring faults / improve Maintenance Programme effectiveness
• Effectively interface with Military Type Certificate Holders, Flight Operations and Maintainers
• Improve the Regulators’ confidence in your organisation

Key areas of focus
• The role of the CAMO in relation to Design, Maintenance and Air Operations organisations
• The Maintenance Programme and its development
• Handling repetitive defects, analysing data and developing solutions
• CAMO interface with Designers, Maintainers, Suppliers and Air Operators
• Contracting to un-approved suppliers and assurance activities

Is this course right for me?
This course is specifically designed to help anyone who is either establishing a CAMO or taking on a CAMO technical function, including contractor monitoring. It is suitable for:

• Continuing Airworthiness Managers
• CAMO Technical Specialists
• Assurance staff
• Maintenance Programmers/ Reliability staff
• Fleet Managers / Schedulers
• Airworthiness Review Staff

This course would also benefit:
• Delivery Duty Holders/Chief Engineers
• Accountable Managers
• Regulatory staff
• Design / Certification Specialists

This course can also be delivered in-company at your site facilities and if necessary adapted so that it meets the needs of managers looking to induct their teams and larger workforce in the concepts of Safety Management. Speak to a Baines Simmons learning advisor using the contact information below.

Completion of TR75 – Understanding the Defence CAMO Regulations.
Familiarity with aircraft maintenance system principles is desirable but not essential.

Course details
Course format: This course is a balanced mix of group discussions, whiteboard work and PowerPoint presentations. Managed syndicate exercises afford delegates the opportunity to practice the application and evaluation of new processes and techniques.
Course level: Practitioner
Assessment process: No formal assessment. Formative feedback is provided by the facilitator.
Course size: 16 persons maximum at our Aviation Safety Academy or on-site at your facility.