Virtual Classroom Participation: Netiquette Guidelines

The following advice has been drawn together to help you and your fellow delegates get the best out of your virtual training course with Baines Simmons.

The course belongs to you and its success rests largely with you

To enable the training material to assist you in your role, it is essential that you interact with the
facilitator and delegates to explore your own role context and contribute to shared learning and
perspectives. Your facilitator will plan in appropriate times during your session for breaks. However, if you do need to leave your desk unexpectedly, please indicate this via the chat box so that our facilitator is aware that you may have missed something or doesn’t try to engage you when you’re not there.

Give freely of your experienceSharing examples of situations, you have experienced adds context to the course materials and can motivate meaningful discussion.

Enter into discussion enthusiasticallyPlease be mindful that it may be difficult for the facilitator and other delegates to recognise who is
asking a question or expressing a view. Please be patient, concise and avoid slang, jargon or
abbreviations where necessary. If using text message functions, please avoid ‘shouting’ (i.e. using caps lock).

Confine your discussion to the problemRemote participation of a course can be more time consuming than in a face-to-face environment.
Please avoid unrelated discussions and be mindful that humour might not work as well in an online

Avoid private conversation while someone is speakingWe understand you may well be participating from your office or home environment. Please mute
your microphone/blank your camera if you need to attend to something unrelated to the course.

Respect the views of your delegatesBe open-minded. Please be patient with your fellow delegates and respect other opinions, even
when they differ from your own. When you disagree with someone, please express your opinion in a non-critical manner.

Privacy and confidentialityFor your reassurance, none of these sessions will be recorded. What is discussed in this forum stays
in this forum, unless agreed to by delegates.