SMARRT® - Safety Management and Risk Reduction Toolkit
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Our SMARRT™ Tools assist our consultants to deliver outstanding results

Our Safety Management and Risk Reduction Tools (SMARRT™) are an innovative, market-leading suite of Diagnostic, Consulting and Training Tools developed exclusively by Baines Simmons to respond to the management challenges of improving performance in complex, regulated organisations.

    A safety performance model to illustrate the key management systems and people-centric enablers required to achieve organisational safety
  • SMARRT™ Diagnostic Tools
    Methodical approach to determine levels of maturity and performance of core management systems, processes and behaviours, including Just Culture, Airworthiness Management, Quality/Compliance Monitoring, Error Management Leadership and Safety Management.
  • SMARRT™ FAiR Tool
    To determine levels of culpability to ensure appropriate remedial actions
    A self-assessment tool to measure the performance of safety management in your organisation
  • SMARRT™ Competence Pathways
    Roadmaps to prioritise skills and competence development requirements at individual and organisational levels.

How we use SMARRT™ Tools:

Our SMARRT™ Tools enable us to give you a consistent approach to safety performance measurement by providing:

  • Clarity
  • Objectivity
  • Benchmarking
  • Deep understanding

Used collectively and individually, they allow us to:

  • Assess safety management performance
  • Measure safety maturity
  • Evaluate strategic and operational safety performance
  • Provide gap analysis of skills, competence and capability
  • Develop action-oriented pathways that define and prioritise issues
  • Develop improvement solutions