Audit Servies

Whether your need is for a short-term interim solution, an independent review or a longer-term strategic partnership, our audit and compliance monitoring services are designed for regulated organisations seeking support with airworthiness, compliance and safety risk management audits.

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Why choose our services?

We partner with our customers to seamlessly fill the role of an internal audit and compliance monitoring department, providing expert independent assessments of your management system, and assuring you of its integrity. Our highly experienced teams take a systems approach to auditing to ensure their recommendations look at the organisation as a whole, identifying potential areas of optimisation that will reap real term benefits. In particular, we can report on the effectiveness of your management system, including the resulting output performance.

Our audit services

First party auditing (CQA01)
Suitable for organisations looking to boost their audit capability in the event of a competence shortage or resourcing challenges. We can audit against all UK CAA / EASA rules for approved organisations. We also offer audits against national defence / EMAR requirements.

Third party oversight auditing (CQA02)
Aimed at organisations who require audit assistance with the oversight of their partners, contractors and suppliers. We can audit against all UK CAA / EASA rules and EMAR-based requirements.

Independent Auditing Service (CQA03)
Aimed at aviation safety regulators seeking support to extend their capabilities, Baines Simmons is experienced and well set up to offer ongoing, outsourced regulator support for audit and surveillance activities.

This service is also offered via Aviation Compliance Limited (ACL), our wholly-owned subsidiary, which affords organisations and regulators the confidence and peace of mind that they accessing a truly independent auditing capability,    

Performance Audit (CQA06)
Our performance audits are enhanced audits that are perfect for organisations who are developing their compliance and/or safety risk management capabilities for performance rather than just compliance. In addition to auditing against the required standard or regulation, we also offer an assessment of how well the organisation is set up to comply with the particular regulations, using our proprietary SMARRT MAP™ model as its basis.

Fatigue Risk Management Audit (CQA07)
Our specialist capability in Fatigue Risk and sleep science allows us to support organisations requiring an audit of their fatigue risk management system against applicable regulations. For more in-depth assessment of an FRM, view our diagnostic services.