Practical Skills for Auditors

TQ02 | 4 days

Having a Management/Quality System is a regulatory compliance need; having an effective system is a distinct business advantage. A skilled and competent auditor is able to uncover not only the obvious, but also the underlying reasons for non-compliance – identifying underperforming processes and recommending system improvements that utilise limited resources to best advantage.

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How will this course benefit me?
Our popular and long-standing auditing skills course reflects emerging thinking from UK CAA/EASA on the Management System, defining organisational roles and responsibilities. It has also encompasses the ISO 19011 philosophies and covers audit planning, control, execution and findings. This course discusses the need to find real solutions and how to report these back effectively to management.

On completing this course, new and developing quality auditors will be better able to:

• Improve quality targets and accuracy
• Drive system improvements to positively enhance both safety and effectiveness
• Reduce exposure to corporate risk
• Use their skills to enable value-adding continuous improvement
• Identify underperforming processes
• Improve product safety and business value gained from audits

Key areas of focus

• Introduction to the UK CAA/EASA Management System and organisational roles and responsibilities
• Risks, defenses and requirements - the link to the Management System
• ‘Traditional’ and ‘System’ auditing philosophies
• The philosophies of ISO 19011
• Layered audit planning and preparation
• Opening, closing and controlling meetings; effective questioning skills and techniques
• Dealing with difficult people
• Gathering evidence, product sampling techniques and limitations
• Root cause identification
• Audit reporting, tracking and closure


Is this course right for me?

This course is ideally suited to those who have limited audit experience (less than two years) in the following roles:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Newly-appointed Quality Managers
  • Newly-appointed Compliance Managers



There are no prerequisites for this course, although basic knowledge of the UK CAA / EASA regulatory framework is helpful.

Course details
Course format: This course is a balanced mix of group discussions, flipchart work and PowerPoint presentations. Managed syndicate exercises give you the opportunity to practise the application and evaluation of new processes and techniques.
Course level: Practitioner Level Training (P) is suitable for those who have worked in the subject for some time, are familiar with core terminologies and concepts and are looking to develop or update their level of knowledge and practical understanding.
Assessment process: No formal assessment. Formative feedback is provided by the facilitator.
Course size: 8 persons maximum at our Aviation Safety Academy or up to 12 on-site at your facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course suitable for a small to medium size organisation?

Yes - we look at the intent of the requirements and allow you to explore how to best apply the principles to the size of your organisation.

I am totally new to my Compliance Monitoring / Quality role, will this course give me all I need?

Yes. The course is predicated on not having extensive experience of auditing and will provide you with a solid foundation.

Do I get the opportunity to conduct an audit?

Yes. The course is scenario based giving delegates the “real life” experience of conducting an audit. For in-company 
courses an audit against your requirements can be conducted if required.

Will this course satisfy the Regulator?

Yes. The regulations require auditors to be assessed for competence. This course will support the competence assessment.

As part of my job I conduct audits against other standards. Will this course still be of use?

Yes. This course provides you with the necessary tool set required to perform value adding effective audits to your 

I work in the defence sector, is this suitable for me?

Yes - the course is equally suitable for both the civil and defence sectors, as it focuses on the management system approach to safety and the respective roles required in any organisation, irrespective of sector, to achieve it.