Why are organisations investing more in Management System Performance?

The drive to performance-based safety regulation means that all management systems are now required to be effective. When effective performance is achieved, it provides you with the confidence that both compliance and safety risks are being robustly managed within your organisation. Ultimately, it offers your leadership team far stronger capabilities to: 

  • Reduce uncertainty 
  • Manage resource 
  • Maximise operating capability 
  • Increase profitability 
  • Protect your reputation 
  • Improve safety
  • Continuously improve

Why choose our diagnostic services?

  • Our SMARRT diagnostics deliver independent measurement, rigour and confidence
  • Exclusive to Baines Simmons, they help us to respond to the challenges of improving safety, operational and commercial performance in complex regulated organisations, by measuring integrated management system elements as well as key enablers. They provide independent, impartial and rapid evaluation of management system effectiveness to your senior leadership team and boardroom.
  • Our diagnostics are used to provide strategic performance evaluations, assess gaps and prioritise actions. Delivered by our expert safety, airworthiness and compliance consultants, our diagnostics are always tailored for individual organisations to ensure they are fit for your requirements and operation.

Our diagnostic options

Working with you to understand your priorities and areas of concern, we can offer diagnostics focused into particular subject areas or the entire system. We offer the following assessments:

  • Management System Diagnostic 
  • Safety Risk Management 
  • Fatigue Risk Management
  • Safety Leadership 
  • Safety Culture 
  • Just Culture 
  • Airworthiness Management
  • Human Factors and Error Management 
  • Quality/Compliance Monitoring Diagnostic