UK CAA / EASA Part M and Part CAMO – Understanding the Management of Continuing Airworthiness

TR03 | 2 days

Understanding a regulation is not just about ensuring you and your organisation are compliant. A skilled practitioner is able to apply the regulations to their advantage, ensuring that maximum safety and commercial benefits are attained.

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How will this course benefit me?
This intensive course has been designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to fully understand the requirements of EASA Part-M and Part-CAMO and how they fit with your role. Highly interactive and facilitated to let you develop your understanding, the course provides practical guidance on how to make the regulations work for you. Our management system approach ensures you understand the intent of the regulations, so that you can:

• Explain why the regulations exists and what they are trying to achieve
• Understand your role in contributing to your organisation’s safety, compliance and efficiency
• Stay ahead of the competition by knowing how to use the regulations to build a safe, effective and performing organisation 
• Examine and evaluate the impact of good performance to increase safety and reduce risks in the business by applying a flexible approach to compliance
• Increase your confidence to assess the alignment of your current processes and business practices with the regulations, and your competence to discuss elements of the regulations with the EASA / Competent Authority / regulatory staff


Key areas of focus:

 • The EU legal environment and the regulatory structure (EC) 216/2008
• The objective of the EASA Part-M and part-CAMO requirements (EU)1321/2014 and 2019/1383
• The interfaces and dependencies with other regulations and organisations required for the effective management of continuing airworthiness


Is this course right for me?
Aimed specifically at Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO), this course is designed for 
those within the CAw regulatory framework (Part-M, Part-CAMO, Part-145 et al) as well as those that interact 
directly with CAw from the Air Ops and IAw organisations. It is highly suitable for:

• Continuing Airworthiness Managers, Airworthiness Review staff and accountable managers
• All CAMO and CAT operations staff 
• Safety Managers, Quality Assurance/Compliance Monitoring Managers and their staff
• Organisations seeking Part-CAMO approval
• Entry level graduates, Nominated post holders and applicants

This course would also benefit:

• Staff interfacing between Part-145, Part-M, Part-CAMO and Air Operations
• Regulatory Authority Managers, Inspecting Staff and Surveyors and those involved in Safety Audits
• Maintenance Managers /Staff



There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course details
Course format: The course will follow the concept of facilitation as opposed to instruction. It is a balanced mix of PowerPoint Presentations and challenging interactive exercises. 
Course level: Practitioner Level Training (P) is suitable for those who have worked in the subject for some time, are familiar with core terminologies and concepts and are looking to develop or update their level of knowledge and practical understanding. 
Assessment process: No formal assessment. Formative feedback is provided by the facilitator.
Course size: 16 persons maximum at our Aviation Safety Academy or on-site at your facility.

Frequently asked questions

I have just left university with a degree in aeronautical engineering but have limited airline work experience. I would like to know more about how continuing airworthiness is managed. Will this course help me?

Yes, this course is designed to explain the intent of the Part-M and Part-CAMO regulation as it applies to AOC holders. It provides a thorough understanding of how continuing airworthiness is managed and the relationships with all related regulations such as Part-145, Air Operations and Part-21 so that you gain a good appreciation of how the regulations apply in your environment.

I am about to take on the role of an Airworthiness Review Staff. I have worked in the CAMO environment in various roles for the last 10 years but have never had any formal training. How will this course help me?

Although you have worked in a CAMO for a good period of time, gaining an up-to-date appreciation of the intent of CAMO’s output is fundamental to achieving a value adding Airworthiness Review function. The Airworthiness Review is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of the CAMO function. This course provides valuable insight that helps to ensure the Airworthiness Review process is as valuable as EASA intended when it introduced the ARC concept.

I’m already a Safety Manager in my organsiation, but with a Flight Ops background. In CAP 1721 the UK CAA has issued AltMOC CAMO.A.305 (c)(e), Personnel Requirements which, to deem me competent, requires me to complete a recognised course covering all aspects of Part-M. Does this course meet this requirement?

Absolutely. This course fully meets the intent of CAA’s requirement. Furthermore, it will allow you to understand how these regulations apply to your organisation, permitting you to get the most from the practical training element of this AltMOC. It will also allow you to ask intelligent questions and more accurately identify hazards introduced by this area of regulation together with those introduced by the interdependencies with other areas.