Applying BowTieXP in Aviation Organisations

TS101 | 3 days

Bow Tie is a popular method for aviation organisations that are being proactive in analysing their hazards and evaluating the controls they have in place. However, like all methodologies, it is in the effective application that most benefit can be realised. Endorsed by CGE Risk Management Solutions (developers of BowTieXP), this advanced training course is aimed at helping you to effectively manipulate BowTieXP software to produce your own Bow Ties. Uniquely, this training course is set within the aviation context, using exemplars that derive directly from the aviation community.

In-Company Training

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What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will understand:

  • Bow Tie construction - how to create the basic shape and structure
  • How to assign greater fidelity to barriers (including barrier effectiveness, barrier types and barrier adequacy).
  • The importance of ownership and measurement of barrier effectiveness as part of your risk management framework
  • Linkages to core processes and documents, including audit findings


Benefits of attending – for you and your organisation

You will know how to:

  • Demonstrate a confident Bow Tie as part of your risk assurance and governance structure
  • Use Bow Tie to embed risk management throughout your organisational layers
  • Produce dynamic Bow Ties that can contribute to your organisation’s safety performance measurement
  • Effectively use the BowTieXP Software, creating Bow Ties faster and more accurately


Who is it aimed at?This course is aimed at team members who are responsible for constructing and developing Bow Ties. It is also appropriate for managers who will be responsible for the effectiveness of organisational controls. Auditors and investigators who are required to check the integrity of organisational controls will also benefit from attending this course.

Course Grade

Advanced Level Training (A)

Suitable for those with significant relevant experience in the subject matter who are looking to enhance their specialist skills and knowledge and keep abreast of latest regulatory and technical developments. Advanced level training also applies to Recurrent and Refresher training programmes as well as to courses that we recommend are taken in a chronological order.

Frequently asked questions

I am the Bow Tie Manager for my organisation but we do not use BowtieXP. Should I still attend this course?

This course focuses on Bow Tie based risk management in aviation organisations using the BowtieXP software. Whilst Bow Tie theory and practical application are fully covered, the lessons through which they are delivered are specific to this software product. If you are currently using, or are interested in using BowtieXP to build and manage your Bow Ties then this course is for you.

I don’t create Bow Ties, but I am a manager required to review and interpret them as the responsible owner for the organisational risks and controls. Is this the right course for me?

This course is aimed at practitioners and will focus heavily on creating and managing Bow Ties.

I am an auditor or an investigator who is required to check the integrity of organisational controls. Will this course cover what I need?

You will find it useful to attend this course to understand the construction of Bow Ties. If, however, you are already seeking a more advanced course on reviewing barrier effectiveness, we recommend you consider TS107: Barrier Management with BowTieXP, Incident XP and AuditXP.