Baines Simmons Responds to Surge in Demand as Aviation Industry Takes-Off

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Baines Simmons, part of the Services Division of global aviation services group, Air Partner, a Wheels Up company, has seen increased demand for safety training as airlines and airports prepare for take-off this summer. Air travel demand has surged as covid restrictions have been lifted and the summer holiday season begins; IATA (International Air Transport Association) reported that total air passenger traffic had increased by 76.0% between March 2021 and March 2022. This substantial increase in year-on-year demand has generated an urgent need for appropriately trained and certified staff across the aviation industry.

In light of this demand, Baines Simmons has recently launched a new website, providing an updated and improved user experience for clients, both old and new. The site better aligns with the wider Air Partner group and highlights the array of training courses, consultancy, and managed services the business offers. The new platform also allows for easy booking of academy courses.

Amongst the recent surge in demand, Baines Simmons has seen particular interest in several key courses, including: Practical Skills for Investigators (multi-environment), UK CAA/EASA – Part 145 Understanding the Requirements for Maintenance, Human Factors and Error Management (Initial), Practical Skills for Auditors and Part 21 Subpart G - Production Organisation Approvals (POA) Essentials.

Another in-demand course has been Accountable Managers/EASA Form 4 Holders Workshop, an essential day long 1 to1 which not only helps accountable and nominated persons prepare for meeting the regulator, but helps them apply their regulatory responsibilities to best business effect.  

The popularity of these courses demonstrates an industry need for updated regulatory compliance and the desire for an improved understanding of Human Factors and potential errors. The courses are available on a virtual basis, at Baines Simmons’ Aviation Safety Academies in Doncaster and London or as in-company training, offering great flexibility.

As air passenger traffic rates grow, Baines Simmons has also seen increased demand for Line Operations Safety Audits (LOSA), which airlines can use to collect real-time data to measure how effectively safety is managed in flight operations and monitor for any degradation of risk mitigation. It is helping the aviation industry to manage the critical safety issues all businesses in this sector face as operations and the volume of flights ramp up.

Baines Simmons has also seen an increased interest in their Diagnostics Services. This offering employs the exclusive SMARRT MAP approach to rapidly improving an organisation’s safety performance. A four-step process is employed that, following a comprehensive assessment, generates a detailed report and series of recommendations that boosts an organisation’s safety management performance. Baines Simmons is also seeing growing demand for its safety expertise from outside the aviation industry. Many of the available courses and services are highly applicable to a variety of other safety-critical industries, such as the mining sector.

Ian Holder, Managing Director, Baines Simmons - “Baines Simmons’ strong performance represents a revitalised aviation industry and an awareness of the importance of accredited safety training at all levels.

At Baines Simmons our expertise is within the aviation industry and our experts are ready to share our knowledge in this area with other safety-critical industries. Our growth in this area is incredibly positive.”

Alongside the launch of the new website, Baines Simmons has been expanding its team of expert consultants, with six recent hires. Joining the team as associate consultants are Tony McEune, Neil Catton Wretham, David Flower, Kieran Byrne, and Justine Forrest, with Jack Coleman also joining as a consultant.  Consultants at Baines Simmons play a vital role in protecting, improving, and reducing the risks incurred by those working across the aviation industry. They are experts in their field, offering advice, strategy roll-out support, mentorship, and training.