UK CAA / EASA Part M and Part CAMO - Continuation Training

TR57 | 1 day

Against an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, keeping abreast of updates to UK CAA and EASA Airworthiness Regulations and the compliance challenges they bring is vital to ensure your organisation continues to operate within current legislation. Company procedures and your CAME need to reflect current requirements and regulations, as well as fresh areas of audit focus, while your customers and suppliers will all expect you to be conversant with the legislation.

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23 Sep - 23 Sep 2024

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£520.00 (excl. VAT)

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How will this course benefit me?
This advanced workshop will be focused on subject areas limited to the facilitator in advance by delegates attending. This ensures that the workshop is tailored to cover, in detail, the key issues that are relevant to the group and provide maximum value to those attending.
Attending this workshop will:

  • Inform you of most recent changes and current proposed changes to UK CAA and EASA Airworthiness regulations
  • Provide you with an opportunity to discuss how to implement new requirements, concepts, or means of compliance within your particular organisationHelp you to demonstrate an up-to-date knowledge of the requirements to your regulator, internal auditor/compliance monitors and customers/contractor
  • Improve your hazard identification & risk assessment, particularly those introduced by changes
    Ensure your organisation’s compliance with the regulations at all times
    Help you to stay ahead of the competition by developing effective application of the regulation in your business
  • Enable you to easily align current process and business practice with the latest regulations
    Increase your confidence and competence to discuss the intent and application of the regulation with the Competent Authority

Is this course right for me?
This advanced workshop is specifically suited to:

  • Continuing Airworthiness Managers, CAMO staff, Airworthiness Review staff and Accountable Managers
  • Safety Managers, Quality Assurance/Compliance Monitoring Managers and their staff
  • Nominated post holders and applicants
  • Records personnel

You will need to have a good working knowledge of EASA Part M and have attended a Part M training course no more than two years prior to attending this refresher workshop.

Key areas of focus

  • Regulation overview and rulemaking
  • All amendments to the requirement, its AMC and GM published in the preceding 24 months
  • Open forum discussion of pre-notified rule interpretation and its practical application
  • Future proposed changes as published in NPAs, CRDs and Opinions


Course details

Course format: This course is a balanced mix of group discussions, flipchart work and PowerPoint presentations. Managed syndicate exercises give you the opportunity to practise the application and evaluation of new processes and techniques. 
Course level: Advanced Level Training (A) is suitable for those with significant, relevant experience in the subject matter who are looking to enhance their specialist skills and knowledge and keep abreast of latest regulatory and technical developments. Advanced level training also applies to Recurrent and Refresher training programmes as well as to courses that we recommend are taken in a chronological order.
Assessment process: No formal assessment. Formative feedback is provided by the facilitator.
Course size: 12 persons maximum at our Aviation Safety Academy or on-site at your facility